Human Tech

Old-Tech – Remnants of the modern human technology that existed before the Vigil Invasion.
Hash-Tech – Humanity hasn’t had the means to produce modern tech like they used to, so they often resort to repurposing old tech, or combining it with stolen vigil tech.

Vigil Tech

Ryz-Tech – Advanced tech used by the Vigil, primarily in the hands of the Nazjra. It rarely finds its way into human hands. On the rare occasion that a human scientist has gotten their hands on Ryz-tech, they have been completely baffled as to how it functions. Aesthetically, this tech will take on the more mystical appearance. It will look more like magical artifacts, shrouded in a violet glow of energy.
Sanct-Tech – Standard vigil tech, used by the vast majority of their forces. It is more akin to what human technology might have become, given time. Basic sci-fi tech, really.
Gene-Tech – The vigil, at times, uses biological technology — technology created through the manipulation of organic life. Living weapons, vat-grown warriors, etc.
Akul-Tech – A form of technology used by the Vigil, but only rarely. It seems to have some connection to the Revenant Strain. Aesthetically, this type of tech is also more mystical, but with a dark theme to it. Black, twisted artifacts, often with amber gems set in them.


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