Astral Saga - Revenant Strain

The Van

Our escape from the labs went much smoother then I anticipated. Although the revelation of their tinkering with Goram genetics and creating those monstrosities is deeply disturbing to me. Furthermore, their interest in me is highly suspicious. Hopefully they did not take too many samples from me. Not that they would learn the truth from them. My secrets are my own as far as I know. Still, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to create more of those Revenant Creatures! It’s despicable. We spent the night in an eating place called the Barbecue Barn. In the morning we were greeted by a young man named Kaito. He had come with supplies but seemed rather surprised to see us there. Maxwell attempted to make friends, as is his way, and due to his terrible injury failed fantastically. My companions and I tried talk to him but we ended up having to chase him down to get his assistance. My memory is fuzzy on the details. I recall someone saying something about Spag Eddy Os, I have no idea what it meant.
Kaito begrudgingly guided us through the city and during our travel that feeling came over me. The one where you KNOW SOMETHING is coming but can’t say what? Lou told me it was my “Spidey Sense”. What intuition has to do with spiders I have no Idea. Humans are odd, loveable but odd. Sure enough we hid in some trees and several vans from Reinhart Labs went by. It was an Ill omen for our friends.
That was when we came upon her. THE VAN. She is a beauty now! but at the time she was just a run of the mill average RV outside a house. The moment I sat behind the wheel I knew this was something special. I had driven other vehicles before but something about this RV made me feel a connection. It was totally irrational and out of character for me but I could not deny it. From the musty smell of the oddly blue mold in the fridge to the springy feel of the cracked vinyl seats I was mesmerized. Maxwell worked his magic and soon it was Purring in a manner that a thing of it’s stature shouldn’t be able to. However, I’ll catalog the exceptional improvements we made more extensively at a later date.
We headed up north to try and locate Garo and our other companions. We had a few minor encounters with Revenant and eventually came to discover the Garo and some others were in the hands of the Reinhart Labs people and were going to be turned over to a Vigil ship.


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