Astral Saga - Revenant Strain

Who are these weirdos??

I’ve been in this town for a little over 2 weeks now, and this town mayor finally gave me “_the okay_" to go out on a run…
This run was a small group of us out to check on a party who hadn’t radioed in for a while. The hike up to their last known whereabouts has been a constant drizzle. Just enough to make people miserable.
We are holed up in a barn now that some little Amish girl managed to find in the middle of no where…

So not long after we left the barn we started seeing weird amber smoke from the crashed ship. As we came into the clearing there were a couple of ghouls and a wily ghast surrounding some bodies of what I am assuming were townspeople. That crazy barn girl, Charity I think she said, started yelling something about blood and sacrifice and all that. Meanwhile there are bullets whizzing, people lassoing revenants and all sorts of weird s***… this is one weird group I’m with, I’ll tell you that. All that was a little too much for me so I started sneaking around the front of the ship to come at em from behind. But ran right into that ghast! We fought and I tried to climb up the side of the ship to get away. He followed me up and had me pretty much cornered. I thank the Ancestors I was able to kick him over the side onto the shredded metal of the crash. Not without getting myself burnt by those amber flares though.
Everyone made it out, well from our group.. we searched through the ship. Found strange puncture wounds that appear to be the cause of death to the captain of the ship… and three pronged footprints leading back to town…


Dangerbutton queenC

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