Astral Saga - Revenant Strain


..,We were able to follow the tracks all the way back to Clay City. They belonged to a Ti’Yan named Garo. After we spoke with him awhile it seemed he might be trustworthy. We offered to help him free his friends. I kinda zoned out at that point.. worked on my burns for a while and rested a bit. Next thing I know there is a Vigil ship IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN! A buncha Kekora got off and started questioning the mayor about their fugitive. All of a sudden their pointing at me saying I must know something cause they know I was at the crash site! Who are these guys?! Some townie drama goes on between the mayor and the mechanic before we are all pretending to search the town for Garo. He’s long gone though, probably escaped during the night or sometime during the drama.. who knows? We had agreed to help him though.. sooo cue car bomb distraction extraordinaire! Remember what a crazy bunch I said they were? We managed to catch Garo’s tracks again after slipping out of town unnoticed..


Dangerbutton queenC

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