Character Creation

Character Creation


Come up with a concept for your character, to help guide the rest of the character creation process.


Choose your Legacy theme, and write out its description.


Choose up to 6 Origin entries. These can be either Heritage or Events.
• Heritage – A condition that contributed to who your Hero is today.
• Event – Significant events that shaped who your Hero is today.


15 Points for Aspects
• Max of 6 points in any one Aspect
• Min of 2 points in any one Aspect
May exchange up to 2 Aspect Points for 8 Resources, each.


32 Points for Skills
• Max of 2 points in any one Skill or Emphasis
• No Emphasis may have more points than its parent Skill
May exchange up to 16 Skill Points for 1 Resource, each.


One at Rank 1
One at Rank 2
• Includes Rank 1 Burden
May exchange the Rank 1 Boon for 8 Resources.

Resources & Assets

Each player begins with 4 Resources, plus those gained by forfeiting other bonuses.
For every 4 Resources a player starts with, they gain 1 Asset.

Edge Reserve

Each Hero has a reserve of Edge Points. Its maximum capacity is determined by how many entries there are in your Saga. The possible Entries are as follows:
2 Points – Legacy – The main driving force behind your character; it is the theme of the legacy that the hero will leave behind.
Up to 4 Points – Origin – Heritage or Event entries, each worth 1 point.
Up to 10 Points – Feats – The deeds and accomplishments of the hero as they go on adventuring. In general, at least one Feat entry should be gained, per campaign.

Character Creation

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