Age: 29
Height: 5’7
Weight: 165

Botanical Medicine


Yuri was born and raised in northern British Columbia, Canada. Her mother is descended from the Western Arctic Inuit people, and her father was born in Roanoke, Virginia. Yuri lived with her parents, surviving by living off the land. Yuri’s mother had extensive knowledge, passed down to her, in botanical medicine that she then passed on to her daughter. The small family lived in the forest, at the base of the northernmost range of Rocky Mountains, hunting and gardening for food. They discovered a small plant that when prepared correctly had the ability to either repel or entice revenants towards the source. About 3 years ago Yuri was out on a supply run. She returned back to the family cabin only to find it completely abandoned. Yuri spent the next three years traveling south, towards Roanoke. She has come across many different groups of people, but never stayed long, finding large numbers of people unsettling. She came across the people of Clay City a couple of weeks ago. After watching these other survivors from across the river she decided to enter into their midst.

(artist: Dani Diez)


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