Cicero Jensen Walker

Intelligencer, brigadier general (reserve duty)


Born: Jensen Walker, spring 2025
Birthplace: Unknown, most likely Indiana or Illinois
Age: 33
Height: 5’1
Weight: 115
Physical: 5
Mental: 5
Social: 4
Astral: 2
Areas of expertise include:diplomacy, stratagem, infiltration and revenant combat.
(picture: Cicero, circa 2048)


Jensen spent most of her childhood on the southern shores of Lake Michigan and on a riverboat on the Des Plaines, Illinois, and Mississippi Rivers. Her work as a courier and in commerce led her to meet many interesting people who would later become valuable friends and allies. She spent several years in the suburbs of Chicago where she befriended one of the militia leaders, Harrison Deacon, and gained experience in combat before returning to her life on the river. In 2046 she returned to Chicago, where she helped to unite and advance the local militia. The militia’s primary objective was to stop the spread of the Revenant infection to the still heavily populated regions west of Lake Michigan. Jensen saw the saving of Chicago as a vital part of a bigger plan to fortify the humans against both the Revenant disease and the threat of the vigil, specifically from the Spire in North Dakota. The militia was largely successful in containing the contagion and also in pushing back the remaining Revenants from the outer districts of Chicago. In 2049, Cicero presented an ambitious plan to drive the Revenant hordes east, trapping them between Lake Michigan and the Kennedy Wall (originally built in 2019 for the same purpose). The following year, Cicero served actively in several successful campaigns to carry out this plan. She spent much of the next two years on wall management, overseeing reconstruction (and picking off Revenant wall-climbers). With a majority of the Revenants contained (or dead), and the militia organized into the Chicago military and led by General Harrison Deacon, Cicero turned her focus to strengthening the local government. Cicero left Chicago in 2054 aiming to reinforce connections with other community leaders.

Cicero Jensen Walker

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