Astral Saga - Revenant Strain

What the heck is going on?

I was casually experimenting with a some blood revitalization techniques that I witnessed back in the lab when I must have fallen asleep. It seems Ferrous glucinate isn’t the answer to reverse aging in Homo sapiens. How long have I been out for? last thing I remember is going out to look for that Ti-yan, Garo I think. The Kekora had landed a ship in the center of town and all the humans were in a panic. Too bad, we are such a fine race so full of potential. Panic is so unbecoming a trait. Oh yes! and a car bomb. That was great fun to make! It made such a ruckus what it went off in the lake. I particurlarily loved the green flashes caused by the Copper filaments. But, back to the matter at hand. Where am I? Why do I smell like Cheese? and What are all these Cats doing here?


Dangerbutton ShadowStar88

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