Astral Saga - Revenant Strain


There is only one CD left in this van. All the rest are scratched to hell.
Stand By Me – Florence + the Machine
Don’t Stop Me Know – Queen
Step Out – Jose Gonzalez
You Make My Dreams – Hall &a Oates
Cosmic Love – Florence + the Machine
Death of a Bachelor – Panic! At the Disco
Under Pressure – Queen
Renegades – X Ambassadors
Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
Wake Up – Arcade Fire
Under Pressure – Queen
Spirits – The Strumbellas
Heads Will Roll – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I can feel a tickle of memory when I touch the CD… a young 17 year old, traveling. Raised with his grandparents on the road in this RV. His parents taken too soon by the Revenant Strain.

The aftermath at Lexingtion

The other Ti’Yan are dead. Reinhardt used their cores for their experiment. Not only have they manipulated the virus to infect other species, but I believe they have also created something new. Maxwell saw something in the amber smoke. Something that unsettles me.
I have reserves about Garo’s plan to use the virus against the Vigil, but it comes with the opportunity to take down the tower in North Dakota – an opportunity that I have waited years for.
We are on our way now. But the sight of the Ti’Yan bodies, robbed of their cores, the most central part of their being, follows me. And the smell of the smoke as we burned the building down. Like the Lighthouse.


We were able to get the information from Reinhardt Labs, but at a cost. Garo and his companions were taken and we were able to get some of them back but we don’t know the fate of the others. The Reinhardt scientists have manipulated the Revenant virus to spread to the other alien races, and they have succeeded in at least one of them. I don’t know yet what to do with this new insight. Whatever their intentions, I don’t think they should be allowed to continue their dangerous work.

It would seem I’ve made an enemy in Jenny Kobiashi. One of the Broken Fists called me “spider lady”. I have decided to take it as a compliment…

The Van

Our escape from the labs went much smoother then I anticipated. Although the revelation of their tinkering with Goram genetics and creating those monstrosities is deeply disturbing to me. Furthermore, their interest in me is highly suspicious. Hopefully they did not take too many samples from me. Not that they would learn the truth from them. My secrets are my own as far as I know. Still, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to create more of those Revenant Creatures! It’s despicable. We spent the night in an eating place called the Barbecue Barn. In the morning we were greeted by a young man named Kaito. He had come with supplies but seemed rather surprised to see us there. Maxwell attempted to make friends, as is his way, and due to his terrible injury failed fantastically. My companions and I tried talk to him but we ended up having to chase him down to get his assistance. My memory is fuzzy on the details. I recall someone saying something about Spag Eddy Os, I have no idea what it meant.
Kaito begrudgingly guided us through the city and during our travel that feeling came over me. The one where you KNOW SOMETHING is coming but can’t say what? Lou told me it was my “Spidey Sense”. What intuition has to do with spiders I have no Idea. Humans are odd, loveable but odd. Sure enough we hid in some trees and several vans from Reinhart Labs went by. It was an Ill omen for our friends.
That was when we came upon her. THE VAN. She is a beauty now! but at the time she was just a run of the mill average RV outside a house. The moment I sat behind the wheel I knew this was something special. I had driven other vehicles before but something about this RV made me feel a connection. It was totally irrational and out of character for me but I could not deny it. From the musty smell of the oddly blue mold in the fridge to the springy feel of the cracked vinyl seats I was mesmerized. Maxwell worked his magic and soon it was Purring in a manner that a thing of it’s stature shouldn’t be able to. However, I’ll catalog the exceptional improvements we made more extensively at a later date.
We headed up north to try and locate Garo and our other companions. We had a few minor encounters with Revenant and eventually came to discover the Garo and some others were in the hands of the Reinhart Labs people and were going to be turned over to a Vigil ship.

What the heck is going on?

I was casually experimenting with a some blood revitalization techniques that I witnessed back in the lab when I must have fallen asleep. It seems Ferrous glucinate isn’t the answer to reverse aging in Homo sapiens. How long have I been out for? last thing I remember is going out to look for that Ti-yan, Garo I think. The Kekora had landed a ship in the center of town and all the humans were in a panic. Too bad, we are such a fine race so full of potential. Panic is so unbecoming a trait. Oh yes! and a car bomb. That was great fun to make! It made such a ruckus what it went off in the lake. I particurlarily loved the green flashes caused by the Copper filaments. But, back to the matter at hand. Where am I? Why do I smell like Cheese? and What are all these Cats doing here?


Well, we are in it deep. Surrounded by Dreddnacht, in the middle of their camp.
Maybe I shouldn’t have attacked that girl. Maybe we could have gotten the Ti’yan out without arrousing any suspicion, too late now I suppose…

But that Charity girl, she is a funny one. She’s growing on me.


..,We were able to follow the tracks all the way back to Clay City. They belonged to a Ti’Yan named Garo. After we spoke with him awhile it seemed he might be trustworthy. We offered to help him free his friends. I kinda zoned out at that point.. worked on my burns for a while and rested a bit. Next thing I know there is a Vigil ship IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN! A buncha Kekora got off and started questioning the mayor about their fugitive. All of a sudden their pointing at me saying I must know something cause they know I was at the crash site! Who are these guys?! Some townie drama goes on between the mayor and the mechanic before we are all pretending to search the town for Garo. He’s long gone though, probably escaped during the night or sometime during the drama.. who knows? We had agreed to help him though.. sooo cue car bomb distraction extraordinaire! Remember what a crazy bunch I said they were? We managed to catch Garo’s tracks again after slipping out of town unnoticed..

Who are these weirdos??

I’ve been in this town for a little over 2 weeks now, and this town mayor finally gave me “_the okay_" to go out on a run…
This run was a small group of us out to check on a party who hadn’t radioed in for a while. The hike up to their last known whereabouts has been a constant drizzle. Just enough to make people miserable.
We are holed up in a barn now that some little Amish girl managed to find in the middle of no where…

So not long after we left the barn we started seeing weird amber smoke from the crashed ship. As we came into the clearing there were a couple of ghouls and a wily ghast surrounding some bodies of what I am assuming were townspeople. That crazy barn girl, Charity I think she said, started yelling something about blood and sacrifice and all that. Meanwhile there are bullets whizzing, people lassoing revenants and all sorts of weird s***… this is one weird group I’m with, I’ll tell you that. All that was a little too much for me so I started sneaking around the front of the ship to come at em from behind. But ran right into that ghast! We fought and I tried to climb up the side of the ship to get away. He followed me up and had me pretty much cornered. I thank the Ancestors I was able to kick him over the side onto the shredded metal of the crash. Not without getting myself burnt by those amber flares though.
Everyone made it out, well from our group.. we searched through the ship. Found strange puncture wounds that appear to be the cause of death to the captain of the ship… and three pronged footprints leading back to town…


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